Singapore is 'dirty as f***' and smells 'like garbage': Tourist complains about country, mocks 7-Eleven staff in video


A tourist has irked netizens with complaints that he has about Singapore — including that it's "dirty as f***". The man was also slammed for posting another clip in which he mocks a 7-Eleven employee.

The man, known as Ucancallmehubby on TikTok, is believed to be a Romanian OnlyFans creator named Mario, alleged Wake Up Singapore.  

In one of the clips he posted, Mario alluded to how Singapore isn't as "amazing" as it's made out to be.

The since-deleted clip was reshared on Sg.Incidents on Saturday (Nov 12). It is not clear when the video was first published. 

"The first thing that annoys me", is that "this is a f****** smoke-free country, not just [at] the park," complained Mario at the start of his expletive-filled rant.

"Where the f*** should I smoke, where?"

The next problem, Mario noted, is "they pretend they have a f******* clean country".

"The country isn't clean, it's dirty as f***"," he added, pointing the camera towards the Singapore River. "Which colour is it? Exactly. All the rivers and lakes are this colour, and the sea is exactly the same colour."

According to Mario, there's "also a problem with the smells", stating that "it smells terrible everywhere, like garbage".

Mario then brings up another perceived problem, which is that "they don't use perfumes".

"For a country so evolved on cosmetics… what's up with the [lack of] perfumes, guys?"

"You've to walk a few miles to find a good perfume… it's terrible."

Commenters on Sg.Incidents' Instagram page were up in arms against the hate, stating that Mario can "go back to your own country".

"This was not a story time, it's called 'complain time', or 'being entitled time'," shared another.

Wake Up Singapore noted in a report on Nov 11 that Mario had also received flak for another racist clip published on Thursday (Nov 10).

In a separate TikTok video which was removed as well, he appears to mock the accent and head movements of the 7-Eleven cashier who served him.

Based on a copy of the clip posted by Wake Up Singapore on YouTube, Mario was upset after being given the wrong pack of cigarettes by the employee and called the woman a "b****".

"I asked the nice Indian woman at the counter… 'sorry, do you have any slim cigarettes?'" recounted Mario, mimicking her reply with derisive head-shaking movements. 

He continued that he was given the wrong type of cigarettes, stating, "that b**** gave me menthol".

"Thank God I'm leaving Singapore tomorrow because I'm going to have a mental breakdown," said Mario while continuing to shake his head.

No surprise that TikTok users as well as commenters to the video have ripped into Mario for his racist behaviour as well as his unfair critique of Singapore.

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/Sg.Incidents

"If you think you're so great and you're so entitled, please get the f*** out of my country. And if you think Singapore stinks, seems like you stink, your attitude stinks," said one TikTok user in a stitch to the original clip.

Wake Up Singapore noted that commenters to Mario's video had shared their relief as well that he was going to be leaving the country the day after the clip was published.

He also replied to a commenter that he won't be coming back, stating, "You guys are many years behind Europe!"

Mario, however, is apparently no stranger to Singapore having been here before based on previous clips shared on his TikTok page.

Ironically, in one clip published in May, he proclaimed his love for Singapore while at Sentosa's Palawan beach and appeared to have had a good time with friends while here.

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Guess either way, there's no love lost now.

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