Singapore gets its first Deputy Attorney-General

SINGAPORE - The Attorney General Chambers (AGC) has appointed its first Deputy Attorney-General in Justice Tan Siong Thye, who is currently a High Court Judge.

Justice Tan will end his term at the High Court on Feb 1 and assume his new appointment on Feb 2.

The Deputy Attorney-General "reflects the increasing volume and complexity of the legal work of the Government", the AGC said in a statement on Monday.

Such a role will also allow sufficient positions at the top in the Executive branch of the government for those pursuing a legal career in the public sector.

Commenting on Justice Tan's new appointment, Attorney-General Mr V K Rajah S.C said: "This is a new Constitutional appointment that has considerable significance.

"As DAG, he will work closely with me and the Solicitor-General Mr Lionel Yee S.C. to raise professional standards in the AGC and to better serve Singapore.

"His decades of experience will be particularly valuable in guiding and mentoring AGC officers as they handle increasingly complex and challenging cases."

The Office of the Deputy Attorney-General was established on Nov 4, 2014 after approval by Parliament on Nov 4, 2014.