Singapore has the world's fastest 4G Network

PHOTO: The Straits Times

Singapore has the fastest 4G network followed by South Korea and Australia in the Asia-pacific.

Singapore is also the fastest 4G country in the world, according to a report by Open Signal, a UK-based wireless technology company. The report compares 4G performance across 88 countries worldwide.

South Korea is the second fastest network in Asia followed by Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, Vodafone has jumped ahead of Telstra in the 4G speed metric, averaging LTE downloads of 40 Mbps.

Taiwan's operators are quickly joining the global elite in 4G availability and it is the fifth fastest network speed in Asia.   

It is followed by Japan and Vietnam at 25.39 and 21.49 mbps respectively.  As per the report, Japan's 4G network speed is by no means slow, but it is still well away from matching the LTE speeds of the other countries.

Brunei Darussalam has the eighth fastest network in Asia with 17.48 mbps speed. It is followed by Myanmar and Malaysia. Other countries below 15mbps are Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Pakistan.

India fared poorly, as its operators are still focused on growing LTE's reach rather than injecting more speed into their 4G services, according to the report.