Singapore Kindness Movement launches month-long kindness campaign

Singapore Kindness Movement launches month-long kindness campaign

SINGAPORE - Messages promoting public transport etiquette, such as giving way to alighting passengers, queuing up in an orderly fashion, and moving in to make space for others, will be carried on selected buses and MRT trains.

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Here is the full statement from the Singapore Kindess Movement:

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), today starts its month-long media programme on the kindness message this year, "A Nation of Kindness Starts with One".

Through gentle reminders to incorporate graciousness in our daily routines, SKM's messages will be visible on public transport and elsewhere on the island, as well as in print and online, to encourage people to take ownership of kindness.

A kind and gracious society is built through the accumulation of single kind and gracious acts, giving rise to the theme "A Nation of Kindness Starts with One".

The power of one greeting, one helping hand, one kind individual, one inspirational ground-up initiative is immense. As the "ones" builds up to "everyone", a kinder society is collectively created.

Kindness Commutes

Working with its public transport partners, SKM has achieved notable results in encouraging public transport etiquette. The graciousness message will be carried islandwide on themed buses and MRT trains, specifically promoting gracious behaviours such as giving way to alighting passengers, queuing up in an orderly fashion and moving in to make space for others on bus and train carriages.

A number of bus stops and MRT stations will dress up with a new kindness-themed look to greet commuters with simple yet effective reminders on the easy steps we can take to be kinder and more gracious on our daily commute.

Kindness Elsewhere

The flourishing of ground-up initiatives in Singapore is greatly inspiring as it indicates that more people are now taking kindness into their own hands.

A series of newspaper advertorials and radio info-capsules will provide a platform for these embodiments of kindness to share their stories. Some are members of SKM's Kindred Spirit Circle, while others have simply crossed paths with SKM on the kindness journey, driven by a personal desire to see a kinder community.

The latest kindness TV vignette demonstrates easy actionable gestures of kindness and graciousness on the road and on public transport through three joyful musical-inspired dance scenes.

This will also be broadcast at selected commercial buildings and cinemas. It can be viewed online at:

Social media users are encouraged to share kindness stories and photos using the hashtag #NationofKindness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In partnership with Gardenia, SKM will donate a loaf of bread for each hashtag used1, bringing kindness to families in need.

More details of the digital campaign can be found at:

Dr William Wan, General Secretary of SKM, says, "In working with numerous ground-up movements, I have met many inspiring individuals, many of whom are youths, who give me great hope for Singapore. Their stories deserve to be heard by more people, and will motivate us to do our part to build a more pleasant and liveable home for everyone. Our theme this year, 'A Nation of Kindness Starts with One', is all about the kindness around us, which should be spread further by us. We hope more people will find inspiration from them as we do, and remember how simple and fun it is to be kind, and the joy it brings to people around us."

SKM's media burst runs for a month, from 16th September to 14th October. For more information, please visit

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