Singapore likely to have wettest December in recent years

This month could be the wettest December here in several years. The amount of rain recorded for the first four days of this month is already about half that seen for the full month in 2011 and last year.


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 Weather updates from National Environment Agency:

Weather Outlook: 1 - 15 December 2013

  1. Northeast Monsoon conditions are expected to prevail over the region with the low level winds blowing predominantly from the northeast or northwest. 

  2. During this period, short-duration thundery showers can be expected on 6 to 8 days in the afternoon and early evening. In addition, periods of moderate to heavy rain arising from the strengthening of monsoon winds are likely on 2 to 3 days.

    Occasionally windy conditions and cooler temperatures can also be expected.

  3. Rainfall for the 1st half of December 2013 is likely to be average to slightly above average. 

  4. Weather Statistics For December SINCE 1869 
Average rainfall for the month297.9 mm   
Highest rainfall ever recorded765.9 mm (2006) 
Lowest rainfall ever recorded62.5 mm (1932)
Average number of raindays19
Average daily maximum temperature30.0 
Average daily minimum temperature23.5 


Monsoon update from Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) as at Dec 3, 2013:

Northeast Monsoon Season

The Northeast Monsoon Season onset in late November 2013. The prevailing winds in the region are blowing predominantly from the northeast and these conditions are expected to persist into March 2013.

Over the next two weeks, short-duration afternoon thundery showers can be expected on most days. During this fortnight, a monsoon surge could affect the South China Sea and the surrounding region, and Singapore could experience periods of rain, which could be heavy at times, on a few days.

During the period when a monsoon surge is affecting the region, moderate to strong winds can be expected, in particular over sea areas. Outdoor enthusiast should take necessary precautionary measures when out at sea. Moderate to rough sea conditions can also be expected.

 MSS will provide monsoon updates when necessary. For the latest weather forecast, including heavy rain warnings, can be obtained from NEA’s SmartPhone App (myEnv), NEA’s mobile weather service Weather@SG, dial-a-weather hotline at 65427788, through following NEA’s twitter via @NEAsg or from radio broadcasts.

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