Singapore writes to Indonesia to express concern over haze

SINGAPORE - A thin veil of grey hung over most areas of Singapore on Friday while the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) - a measure of air quality here - hovered between the high end of the moderate range and the low end of the unhealthy band from the early hours.

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Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan said this in a Facebook post yesterday:

The haze reached unhealthy levels today due to smoke from Kalimantan being blown by south easterly winds. We expect the haze to fluctuate between moderate to mildly unhealthy levels over the next few days due to dry weather in Kalimantan and the wind direction.

I have written to the Indonesian Minister of Environment, expressing our concern with the deterioration. I also reiterated our offer of assistance to deal with the fires.

We hope they take urgent action on the ground.

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