Singaporean returns $10,000 in old wallet to foreign workers

Singaporean returns $10,000 in old wallet to foreign workers

SINGAPORE - A man found an old wallet containing the equivalent of $10,000 near a construction site in Singapore.

As most of the money was in Renminbi currency, he concluded that it had to belong to one of the foreign workers at the site.

Together with his wife and son, he waited at the spot for over two hours until three frantic-looking Chinese nationals showed up in search of the wallet.

After verification, the man returned the wallet to the three workers, who were moved to tears and thanked him profusely. They also spoke of how 'good' Singaporeans are.


The money had been their entire savings which they were supposed to send home to China.

The man's wife, who is a Chinese national herself, had praised her husband's kind act and posted about it on WeChat.

She said that he is a hero in their son's eyes and gave him the thumbs-up for being a good role model.

Stomp contributor Andy Michaels Lim, who is a friend of the man, also shared what happened on Facebook and alerted Stomp to the incident.

He said, "This is an excellent example of how we can all live happily and harmoniously together."

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