Singaporeans are the happiest and healthiest in Asia

Believe it or not: Singaporeans are the happiest and fittest people in Asia.

Some might disagree with such a glowing depiction but the conclusions of two recent surveys put Singapore right on top of the table for happiness and health in Asia.

In its survey of 126 countries, the World Happiness Report 2017 found people here to be the most joyous among Asians. Ranked second and third are the Thais and Taiwanese respectively.

Globally, Singapore was ranked 26th, trailing behind mostly western nations, who have been leading the happiness chart.

Malaysians don't seem terribly cheerful at 42nd spot (4th in Asia) but they're probably less gloomy than the Japanese who were placed miserably low at 51st spot (5th in Asia) - not what you would expect of a superpower.

Where health is concerned, Singapore has performed exceedingly well too. It is the healthiest country in Asia and the fourth healthiest in the world, according to the new Bloomberg 2017 Healthiest Country Index.

Singaporeans were found to be fitter than those in nations which have been priding themselves on physical well-being - Australia (5th), Japan (7th), New Zealand (19th) and the United States (34th).

It appears that the healthiest lot live in Italy, followed by Iceland and Switzerland, according to the Bloomberg 2017 Healthiest Country Index, released in a report on Monday (Mar 20).

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