Singaporeans can now enjoy faster immigration clearance at US airports

From today (June 27), Singaporeans will be able to clear immigration more quickly at major checkpoints in the United States.

Eligible citizens of Singapore can use automated clearance facilities, with the Singapore-US Trusted Traveller Programme (TTP).

US citizens will be able to do the same at Singapore checkpoints under the bilateral initiative.

The US' Global Entry Programme (GEP), which is part of the TTP, will also offer eligible applicants expedited clearance at selected US airports.

Singaporeans who meet the eligibility criteria for the TPP can apply for the GEP. Successful applicants will then have to attend an in-person interview at a Global Entry Enrolment Centre at the US Embassy in Singapore.

For more information and to apply, visit the GEP website at


American citizens will be eligible to apply for the use of the enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS) in Singapore.

US passport holders, aged six and above, who have a valid GEP membership and who meet the eligibility criteria may apply online with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Successful applicants will receive a notification and be advised on what to do to complete the enrolment procedure.

Visit the ICA website at for more information.