Singaporeans to get multi-year visas to Australia

Under a new agreement to strengthen partnership between the two countries, Singaporeans will soon enjoy a "tailored multi-year visa arrangement" to facilitate travel to Australia.

Currently, a Singaporean who wants to visit Australia has to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority from the Australian government. This "visa" is normally good for multiple entries within a 12-month period.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement today (May 6) that Singapore and Australia have concluded a landmark agreement that builds on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership agreement the two nations signed last year. The planned visa arrangement was in the latest agreement.

Under the new agreement, Singapore and Australia will also recognise more degrees from universities in both countries. These include law, medical and allied health qualifications.

Up to 500 young people on each side can participate in a "Work and Holiday Maker Programme" that promotes cultural exchange by allowing them to undertake short-term work while holidaying in the other country.