Singaporeans love spa and massage treatments on beach vacations

SINGAPORE - It seems Singaporeans love to be pampered on holidays at the beach. One in two Singaporeans say a spa and massage treatment is a requisite on a beach vacation, more than any other nationality surveyed.

This was revealed in Expedia's 2014 Flip Flop report, an analysis of the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers around the world.

The top three indulgences for Singaporeans on their beach holidays are eating more food than they usually would, spending more on food than they usually would and spending time at the spa.

On the other hand, Singaporeans are mostly likely to sacrifice a month's gym membership, a week's salary and a month's expenses on accessories or toiletries to squeeze in that extra beach holiday.

But when thinking of going on a beach holiday, 81 per cent of Singaporean respondents are most anxious about the risk of theft, while the quality of the hotel (76%) and their kids (75%) were also high stress points.

The report also revealed more general trends of beachgoers worldwide, and affirmed that Asians are the world's most inclined towards sharing their holiday snaps on social media.

"Asian travellers are not just booking their travel on their devices, they are also sharing their travel experiences and researching on mobile more readily than their Western counterparts," said Vikram Mathi, General Manager for Expedia in Asia.

According to the report, respondents from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia shared between 29 and 50 photos/videos a week while on vacation. Most said that they wanted to share their unique vacation experience with friends (58%) or inspire them with beautiful images (53%), but some also claimed that making their friends jealous (18%) was also a reason for them to share their snaps.

The number of Asians inclined to share selfies was also higher than the global average. Globally, respondents were most likely to post scenery shots (79%), followed by group/family shots (57%) and couple shots (48%). Selfies were only the fourth most popular kind of photos posted and shared by beach vacationers globally (30%).

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform for beachgoers, followed by Instagram and Twitter. The top Facebook users were from India, whereas Thais ranked as the biggest Instagram fans.

The Expedia Flip Flop Report was conducted online from March 11 to April 2 2014, and surveyed the attitudes of over 11,000 beach vacationers from 24 countries across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America.