Singapore's Kai Kai is fit to be a 'father'

River Safari's male panda, Kai Kai, is in good shape to become a father, according to the veterinarians at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) who recently conducted a routine annual check-up on the panda.

The 1.5h-long examination comprised a full dental and body check, blood sample withdrawal, an X-ray and ultrasound scan.

The vets also conducted electroejaculation - a technique commonly used for semen collection to evaluate the reproductive status of animals - and the results confirmed that 6-year-old Kai Kai, is "a healthy, fertile male," said WRS.

According to WRS, vets and keepers are monitoring the panda couple for changes in behaviour that indicate their readiness to mate.

When ready, male pandas will vocalise, perform handstands against trees, walls and rocks, scent-marking as high up as possible. Females will show signs such as scent-marking, restlessness and characteristic bleating sounds.