Singapore's most famous auntie declares war on coronavirus with song

Facebook/Jack Neo

Singapore's most famous auntie is back to nag at you. Remember Liang Ximei, anyone?

The star of '90s variety show Comedy Night has returned, and this time 'round, she's declaring war on coronavirus.

"The coronavirus outbreak has everyone trembling in fear. Instead of watching the virus go viral, Liang Ximei has decided to do something about it," her alter ego, Jack Neo, wrote on his Facebook page.

On Thursday (Feb 13), the comedian-turned-director breathed new life into the self-penned tune "Don't Think You're Useless" with some new lyrics.

In the trippy music video, the auntie sported her signature look — blue eye shadow, red glasses and green floral blouse — and dished out advice on how to survive the coronavirus outbreak.

She urged people to stay calm during this period and encouraged those showing symptoms not to hide their illness. The auntie also thanked healthcare workers for their work and reminded the public to exercise good personal hygiene.

"Don't circulate messages that are unverified," she crooned, adding that blind panic is more jialat (troublesome) than the virus.

"If we help each other out, the virus cannot wreak havoc on our lives."

Now that Liang Ximei's dropped a tune, perhaps Phua Chu Kang will soon come up with a Covid-19 rap?

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