SingPost to start making deliveries on Saturdays

From July 12, they will be delivered on Saturdays as well, said Singapore Post.

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Here's an excerpt of the statement from SingPost:

New Measures to Address Changing Postal Trend

Letter mail volumes continue to decline at an alarming speed across the global postal landscape. According to a study by Accenture in 2013, mail declines that began at a gradual 1 to 2 per cent decline, snowballed into a 5.6 per cent decline since 2009. Postal organisations, hastening to mitigate the impacts, have introduced various measures from cutting headcount, reducing the number of delivery days to increasing postage rates - some by as much as 40 per cent.

SingPost's domestic mail volumes fell for the second consecutive year by 1.3 per cent last year. Rising manpower costs and higher terminal dues compound to SingPost's challenges.

In spite of the challenging environment, SingPost remains committed to serve Singapore well. In response to the growing ecommerce demographic, SingPost is introducing a slew of measures to better serve our customers:

Introducing Saturday Delivery for Mail Packages

As online shopping grows, so do the volumes of ecommerce packages. Between FY 2007/08 and FY 2013/14, SingPost recorded over 50 per cent increase in local delivery mail packages. To address the growing ecommerce demographic, SingPost is introducing the new Saturday delivery for mail packages.

SingPost constantly reviews its operations and services to stay relevant to new and evolving customer demands including the growing trend in online shopping.

SingPost's Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr Wolfgang Baier said: "Customers who make online purchases are naturally eager to receive their packages. To address this trend, we will start making Saturday deliveries for mail packages with effect from 12 July 2014. We know that customers welcome Saturday delivery as they are at home to receive their packages. While letters decline, packages become more important."

Providing Integrated 24/7 Services

Customers in Singapore have very good access to SingPost through its more than 1,500 touch-points strategically located island-wide. In March 2014, SingPost introduced a new concept post office, designed with spacious auto-lobbies allowing 24/7 access to key services, including parcel collection services, postage purchases, shipping and payment services.

With the integration of the key services with digital access under one roof, customers are able to complete their transactions conveniently, efficiently and at their own time. Feedback from both customers and staff has been positive and SingPost is progressively rolling out more of such new concept post offices.

SingPost has also started a 24/7 call centre service to provide assistance to customers.

Launching a fleet of Bigger-Capacity Three-Wheelers

In 2011, SingPost introduced three-wheelers as they are easier and more stable for postmen to handle compared to the two-wheelers, and hence improve work safety. Productivity of mail delivery is also boosted as they come with a bigger pannier box allowing postmen to carry more items and reducing the number of return trips to the delivery bases.

Now, delivery job is made easier, safer and smarter with the introduction of SingPost's second generation three-wheelers.