Singtel broadband outage sparks epic rap battle between customer and staff

Singtel broadband outage sparks epic rap battle between customer and staff

If you were among those affected by Singtel's broadband outage on Saturday (Dec 3), you definitely weren't alone in trying to get answers and solutions.

But how do you get the telco's attention on social media when comments start flooding in? Do it in rap lyrics, of course.

That's exactly what netizen Marc Rai did on Saturday (Dec 3) when he posted tweaked lyrics of rapper Eminem's hit song Stan on Singtel's Facebook page, adapting it to convey what he was going through at the time.

Mr Rai wrote: "Dear Singtel, I wrote you but still ain't callin'. I left my cell, my email, and my home phone at the bottom'. I sent two emails this afternoon, you must not-a got 'em. There probably was a problem at your mail server or somethin'."


"I even got the underground promo s*** that you did with Seon-kang Joon. I got a room full of your promo posters and your pictures man," he added.

He even signed off as "Dan" - which obviously rhymes with "Stan" - in a tip of the hat to Eminem's classic track from 2000.

But to the surprise of many, it didn't just end there.

In a humourous twist, a Singtel employee jumped on the rap bandwagon and responded to the post with her own tweaked lyrics from the same song.

Who would have thought?

Photo: Facebook/Singtel

The staff who only signed off as Nurul, wrote: "Dear Dan, we meant to write you sooner but we've just been busy. Look, we're really flattered that you're our biggest fan. We were workin' round the clock to fix this - best believe that. We're sorry 'bout your WiFi, and mobile data too."

"We really think it's cool you got our posters round your room. And that you joined us for a lucky chance to meet with Seon-kang Joon. We hope you get to read this letter, we hope it reaches you in time. Hope you'll relax a little - we get your frustrations here, man," she added.

Nurul also included a slightly more serious note after the song to assure Mr Rai that the telco was fixing the problem.

Photo: Facebook/Singtel

Mr Rai who seemed satisfied with her response, replied with "nice try" and a smiley emoticon.

Good job, Singtel.

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