'Sit in car till backside pain': Family takes turns to pee while stuck in 5-hour jam at Causeway

'Sit in car till backside pain': Family takes turns to pee while stuck in 5-hour jam at Causeway
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Chrissylumpy

The March holidays might be over, but heads up – the Causeway jam ain't going away anytime soon.

Taking to TikTok on March 18, user Chrissylumpy shared how they cleared Singapore Customs in an hour but were stuck in a five-hour jam in Johor Bahru.

The family of four, who were first stuck in traffic at 5.45am that day, were on their way to Malacca. 

Chrissylumpy said: "Had to walk 20 minutes down to the Malaysian immigration office to find a toilet and pee. Walked back, and it's my wife's turn.

"Sit in the car till backside pain… What's going on?"

In the video, a boy could be seen walking towards a never-ending row of vehicles at the Causeway.

Speaking to AsiaOne on Friday (March 24), Chris, who's in his 40s, shared that the first two hours of being stuck in traffic was "okay". 

But by the third hour, everyone in his family needed to answer nature's call.

The father of two said: "We weren't sure [whether to do it] in a plastic bag or bottle. Then we saw some people walking so we decided to [do the same].

"Luckily my wife could drive, so I walked with my son about 1.5km for 20 minutes to the Malaysian immigration office."

After this latest ordeal, it looks like Chris and his family will not be driving to Malaysia anytime soon.

"I have no reason to go into Johor Bahru to be honest," he said.


For travellers heading to Johor Bahru this weekend, brace yourselves for the wait.

Motorists entering Johor via the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints were caught in heavy traffic on Thursday (March 23), The Straits Times reported.

It could be due to the start of a long weekend in Johor Bahru.

Thursday is the first day of Ramadan and the birthday of Johor's ruler, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar – both designated public holidays in the Malaysian state. With Johor adopting a Friday-Saturday weekend, Sunday has been declared a replacement holiday.

Johor police said on Wednesday that they were expecting heavy traffic on major roads and highways in the state in the coming days and would deploy officers to ensure smooth travel for road users.

Just earlier this year, people travelling from Singapore to Malaysia waited three hours at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints during the Chinese New Year period. 

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