Smoother traffic in both directions on Day 3 of new MCE

Smoother traffic in both directions on Day 3 of new MCE

Morning peak hour traffic on the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) and its surrounding areas was smooth on Tuesday, a far cry from the gridlock on Monday morning that extended past lunchtime. Monday was the second day the MCE was open and the first workday it was open to traffic, said a Straits Times report on Tuesday.

RazorTV reported that vehicles were passing smoothly in all directions on the second working day of the MCE.

After the congestion that met motorists on Monday, the Land Transport Authority converted two lanes of the Central Boulevard to four lanes, allowing for smoother traffic to the CBD.

More traffic wardens were also on hand to help motorists.

While some users were more optimistic about the MCE with more adequate signages, others were still not so keen, citing a more circuitous route to their destinations. 

The LTA said conditions are expected to improve as motorists get used to the new routes.



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