SMRT bus driver lauded for returning student's missing laptop

It was a close shave but Ms Chelsey Chow could have lost her laptop containing several school projects and assignments if it were not for a quick-thinking SMRT bus captain.

She had left her laptop on bus 61 but thanks to bus driver Ramasamy Krishnan, she recovered it on the very same day.

The polytechnic student took to Facebook on Tuesday (Jan 26) to express how grateful she was for the man and his kind act.

My heart is so full with gratitude now i think i might just explode.The absolute worst thing that could happen to any...

Posted by Chelsey Chow onĀ Monday, January 25, 2016

Not only had Mr Ramasamy returned the laptop to her, he also prevented it from being stolen by another passenger.

In her Facebook post, Ms Chow said the bus driver told her that he had been monitoring the unattended laptop for a while and had noticed a middle-aged man who was behaving suspiciously.

The 52-year-old bus driver told The Straits Times: "Suddenly one person came from the back and went close to the front seat. From my driver's position, I saw that he took something from the seat.

"I thought it could have been a valuable thing that somebody left behind."

Ms Chow also praised the SMRT staff who had assisted her when she went back to Eunos Interchange in an attempt to report her loss.

She added that "most bus 61 drivers" whom she had met are generally "very friendly".

In fact, Mr Ramasamy seemed to prove her statement right because he recognised Ms Chow as a regular on his route, according to The Straits Times.

His good deed was not only recognised by Ms Chow but also by several others because the student's public Facebook post had quickly picked up steam online. The Straits Times reported that Mr Ramasamy "received more than 10 Facebook messages from people praising him."

Ms Chow said in her post: "I want to thank Mr Ramasamy for his alertness that was beyond his call of duty. Through the mere 10 minutes of interaction with him, his heart to serve was apparent."