Snakes in air-con unit? ACRES to the rescue

SINGAPORE - Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, Singapore (ACRES) was called in after a man reported last Thursday (Jan 28) that his maid had seen snake tails hanging out the bedroom air-conditioner on the second floor of his home just off Lornie Road.

Recorded on a mobile phone camera, two members of ACRES carefully took apart the air-con unit, with the approval of the amiable home-owner, to help free a cluster of snakes stuck inside.

It took them an hour and a half to complete the deed.

These colourful Paradise Tree snakes are largely harmless to humans. They are mildly venomous and they feed on small creatures such as tree-dwelling lizards.

According to, these snakes can grow up to 1.2m long, are adept climber, and are found in a variety of habitats such as magroves, forests, parks, and gardens. said Paradise Tree snakes have dark-edged yellow scales with some having a red patterning along its body.

With a calmness and ease of those who deal with such escapades in their everyday jobs, ACRES expertly rescued three of the snakes.

One managed to slither away. Wonder where he went?

If you spot any wild animals in Singapore who may need some help, call the ACRES 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Hotline at 9783-7782.

Here's an example of what ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) does to help rescue...

Posted by AsiaOne onĀ Monday, 1 February 2016