So drunk he tried to pay cab fare with receipt

After drinking two bottles of wine, he took a cab.

He then argued with the cabby over the fare before lying down in the backseat and kicking the taxi doors.

He also released the handbrake of the taxi, causing it to roll backwards and hit another taxi.

Yesterday, Estremos Achilles Tomanpos, 47, a Singapore permanent resident who works as an interior designer, was fined $6,000 for a charge of mischief.

On May 1 last year, he attended a company lunch to celebrate his boss' birthday and drank about two bottles of wine between noon and 7pm. After the event, he and his friends wanted to go to a bar at Neil Road for more drinks.

At 7.30pm, he got into a Comfort cab driven by Mr Sim Khng Huat, 63.

Reaching Neil Road, the inebriated Tomanpos, a Philippine citizen, handed Mr Sim a receipt instead of cash.

He then tried paying by Nets, but could not key in the correct PIN.

Mr Sim told Tomanpos to alight without paying the fare so that he could pick up other passengers, but Tomanpos just lay down on the backseat and kicked the passenger door several times.

Tomanpos grabbed an umbrella and used it to hit the rear windshield and side window. He also challenged Mr Sim to call the police. But when Mr Sim was calling the cops, Tomanpos grabbed his shoulder, prompting the cabby to flee.


A fellow Comfort cabby who saw what happened stopped his taxi nearby and asked Mr Sim what was going on.

Tomanpos released the handbrake of Mr Sim's parked taxi, causing it to roll backwards and crash into the other taxi.

The police arrived soon after.

Court papers said Comfort suffered a loss of about $2,280 which Tomanpos paid as compensation.

For mischief, he could have been jailed up to two years and fined.

This article was first published on January 6, 2016.
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