'Special services' offered in Bukit Batok massage parlour: Report

SINGAPORE - A 24-hour massage parlour in Bukit Batok has been revealed to be a front, with the female masseuses offering "special services" to customers.

The massage parlour, which opened at a Bukit Batok shophouse about six months ago, provides foot massages and full-body massages, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

One woman, an assistant at a nearby shop, said that about five or six female masseuses worked at the parlour. The woman all seemed to be in their 20s and 30s, and spoke with Chinese accents.

She told Lianhe Wanbao that although the massage parlour was open 24 hours, there would usually only be a steady stream of customers from the afternoon onwards.

"The customers are mostly male. Some enter from the front, while others enter from the back door. One night, I saw a smartly dressed man leave from the back door and drive away in a fancy car, but only after sharing a passionate goodbye with a female worker," she added.

Another woman, who is a resident in the area, questioned why there was a need for the massage parlour to operate round-the-clock since the traffic volume in the residential area was low at night.

"Why would anyone feel like having a massage in the middle of the night? I suspect the shop is not so innocent," she told Wanbao.

To find out the truth, a reporter with the Chinese evening daily visited the massage parlour pretending to be a customer.

The reporter found out from one of the masseuses that besides massage services, three other "special services" are also provided, with one of the services reserved for regulars only.

When asked what kind of services the masseuse was referring to, she coyly replied: "I will show you next time."

When the reporter first entered the shop, three masseuses immediately approached and asked if he had made a reservation. Upon finding out that no reservation was made, their expressions immediately changed and became less friendly.

Six small rooms were seen inside the massage parlour, each with its own shower facilities. Customers who had made reservations would immediately be ushered into the shower once they went into the rooms.

The reporter chose the one-hour massage package. The first 45 minutes proceeded like a typical massage session.

But at the end of the session, the masseuse told him: "We can't earn much if you don't take up the extra services."