Spitting case: Man says he was provoked

Juraimi Kamaludin admitted in court to spitting on one of the women. He told the judge "I can't reach her. If I can reach her, I would have slapped her."

THE man accused of spitting at two women at Woodlands bus interchange last October said he did so because he had been called "stupid" and an "idiot", and his mother had been insulted.

Juraimi Kamaludin, who does not have a lawyer, said in his defence on Tuesday that one of the women had also accused him of cutting the queue.

The 48-year-old cleaner said he was no bully and accused the women of provoking him instead.

Juraimi is being tried for being a public nuisance - spitting at customer service officer Teoh Lay Peng, 41, and forcefully pushing her out of the front door of the bus; as well as spitting at secretary Lee Kuan Eng, 34, six times within a space of 10 minutes.

Yesterday, the court heard Juraimi's alleged scolding and shouting at bus commuters had led to the delay of SMRT bus service 950 at the Woodlands bus interchange on Oct 22 last year.

Recounting the incident, Juraimi accused Ms Teoh of pushing him and saying he cut the queue when he returned after leaving to get a drink.

He told the court: "I said: 'Can't you see I was queuing just now?' She said no. I just ignored her."

He then accused her of grumbling and saying "stupid, idiot".

Fuming, he asked another woman if she had seen him queue in front earlier, but she said she did not know.

Juraimi said he kept asking Ms Teoh why she called him "stupid" and "idiot", but she did not reply.

He added that she ran out of the bus after telling the driver that she wanted to call the police. He denied touching or pushing her.

At about the same time, Ms Lee, who was at the back of the bus, said she called the police and asked Juraimi to get down but he refused.

He said Ms Lee went on to insult his mother.

"I can't reach her. If I can reach her, I would have slapped her," he told District Judge Lim Keng Yeow.

The SMRT staff then arrived and told all passengers to alight and board the next bus.

Juraimi said he went after Ms Lee, who got down from the rear exit.

He grabbed her forearm, asking again why she had insulted his mother.

She did not reply.

She walked away and he followed her and kept pestering her.

"She said: 'You stupid Malay.' I could not take it. I spat and spat. I really got angry. You know why I spat at her? Because she is a lady. (If) she's a guy, she's a man, I would whack him - whack, whack, whack," he said.

Juraimi admitted to spitting at Ms Lee, saying she deserved it.

He said he knew it was wrong if he touched or hit a woman.

"I am not a bully," he said.

The trial continues today.


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