S'pore blogger claims she was asked to have sex at Turkey airport's toilet

Blogger Vivienne revealed how one man blocked her from leaving the toilet at a Turkey airport.
PHOTO: Stomp

A reader 'Stephanie', alerted Stomp citizen website about Singaporean blogger Vivienne Oh's Facebook post on her nightmarish experience in Turkey over the New Year weekend.

Vivienne, who goes by her online moniker GirlyandtheCity, had booked a holiday to Europe with her family through CS Travel, and claimed she was plagued by a series of unfortunate events.

Stranded at Istanbul Ataturk Airport for more than 48 hours after her flight was cancelled, Vivienne ranted on her blog about her experiences.

In probably the worst incident that ever happened to her while at an airport, she wrote about how a man blocked her from leaving the toilet.

According to Vivienne, she thought he was a cleaner, judging from the uniform he wore, but she was unclear who he was:

"He was still there blocking my only way out, one hand doing the money sign and the other hand fondling his crotch."

Terrified, she took her opportunity to run past the man when he turned to speak to "his partner in crime" and then warned the other girls to be careful.

On top of that, she also recounted how her tour group had to sleep on the cold hard floor as the Turkish Airlines lounge was "fully booked".

She commented on how hard it was for the elderly travelling in their group, some as old as 75. According to her, they did not have access to food or water.

She also posted a video (below) of an airport staff saying: "I will do nothing. Go to the queue, they will attend to your tickets. It will be like [for] other passengers."

She wrote in her blogpost: "The nicer ones would tell us that they're off office duty and to go somewhere else or just push past and ignore us instead."

After a few hours, airport staff offered the travellers a pile of pillows but according to Vivienne, they were "saturated with urine".

Still, the stranded passengers grabbed at them. But some were lost in the night as they were stolen or given to people who were more in need of them.

When a Singapore Airlines flight became available for the travel group, they were told that there were only 20 seats available but her group had 26 people.

In the end, only 15 people flew back on Singapore Airlines as the group agreed to let half of each family fly home to Singapore. However upon arrival, there was no luggage to greet the exhausted holiday-goers.

Staff at Changi Airport told Vivienne that the luggage tags they were holding on to did not even exist in Istanbul.

She wrote on her post to caution people flying to Turkey and alerting them to the safety precautions needed if stranded at Ataturk Airport.

Read her full post here.

She also posted a condensed version on her Facebook page, asking readers to share her experience: "This post is public, so please feel free to share."

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