S'pore hacker case: MHA on cyber-security

Following the police's statement on the arrest of a 35-year-old Singaporean man for the recent series of hacking incidents, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a statement on cyber-security:

Acts that disrupt, deface or interfere with information communications and technology (ICT) systems are illegal and constitute an offence. Such acts can compromise the operation of critical services, cause alarm, damage and harm, and have serious security, economic and social consequences for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Much effort and resources have been required to track down the persons responsible for the ICT attacks and vandalism. They are likely to have carried out these separate illegal and anti-social acts thinking that they could get away with them. Those found to have carried out such criminal acts, made threats or incited others to attack our ICT systems will be taken to task in accordance with the law.

We hope that the community will take a strong stand against such anti-social and criminal acts. Whether through hacking, vandalism or other illegal actions, such persons only serve to disrupt the lives of other law-abiding citizens and cause unnecessary alarm. We should not allow the actions of a few to affect our sense of safety and security in Singapore.