S'pore kids bring cheer to foreign workers with games, food and gifts

SINGAPORE - A plate of chicken rice might seem ordinary to most Singaporeans, but to a group of foreign workers, the iconic local dish now holds special memories of a meaningful day spent away from home.

Packets of chicken rice were delivered by a group of fun-loving children to workers at a dormitory in Singapore recently.

The boys, aged between 9 to 13, also brought with them gifts and old-school games such as 'chapteh' and Snakes & Ladders.

The special meeting was an SG50 initiative organised by Stamford Catering, which also uploaded a Facebook video showing the highlights of the day.

One of the boys, Ethan, 13, said: "I think it is quite nice for us to show our appreciation (for) them, at least they know that there is someone who still cares for them".

"It's not a lot but it changes a bit of their day, (and) makes them a bit (happier)," Mattias, 12, added.

Another boy, Anthony Eu, 11, said that he had anticipated a communication barrier, but realised that his worries were unfounded when he met the workers.

"I think they are very bored here," Anthony also said, adding that he was glad to have brought gifts for his new foreign friends.

"It was really nice interacting with them because you could tell that not a lot of people interact with them, and that it made them really happy," Iman Khan, 9, said.

The children, who are from different schools, also had a meal with the workers.

A worker who participated in the event described the meeting as "wonderful", while another said that the large gathering reminded him of his family in India.

"We cannot give them anything, but they have given me many things," one worker added.

Stamford Catering said on its Facebook page that it would be delivering free food packets to more foreign workers with goodwill messages left by Facebook users before noon on Friday.

Many netizens responded and over 680 message were posted by Friday afternoon.

Locals who responded praised the boys for their initiative, and also thanked foreign workers for their role in building the Singapore city.


Stamford Catering thanks foreign workers

Let's come together this festive period and show our appreciation for the foreign workers who make sacrifices to help build the beautiful country we call home. Leave a comment with your personal thank-you note, and Stamford Catering will deliver free food packets to many more foreign workers with your goodwill messages attached! Participate by Friday, 11 Dec 12pm, and brighten someone's day this holiday period!

Posted by Stamford Catering on Tuesday, December 1, 2015