S'pore man does it again by slurping down 13 plates of hokkien mee in under 20 min

Love your hokkien mee?

Well, probably not as much as professional eater Zermatt Neo, who in his latest Youtube video, gobbled down 13 plates, or about 4kg worth of the mouthwatering dish -- all under 20 minutes.

A seemingly easy feat for Neo, who didn't even break a sweat as he chowed down on plates after plates of the famous Geylang Lorong 29 Hokkien Mee, reports Coconuts Singapore.

Neo is hardly new to the competitive eating scene, and is a reigning champion of Food League Singapore, one of Singapore's renowned food challenge organisers.

He once decimated 4kg of chicken rice in under 30 minutes, and 92 chicken wings in under eight minutes during a contest.

When asked how he managed to accomplish such an amazing feat, the personal trainer replied:

"Well, the food was delicious, and I took my time."

Guess not all stomachs were made equal.