S'pore student in China sex scandal

Dr Yu was accused of getting the Peking University student pregnant. His teaching credentials have been revoked.

BEIJING - One of China's top schools, Peking University, has fired an associate professor accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a Singaporean student.

Yu Wanli, then an associate professor at the School of International Studies, was accused of having sex with the woman, named Wang Jing, and getting her pregnant.

His teaching credentials have been revoked and he has been expelled from the Chinese Communist Party.

In a statement on its website which the Shanghai Daily reported, the school said: "The university always values teachers' moral standards. We will never tolerate any violation of the teachers' code of morality and will be sure to hand down severe punishments."

An alumnus reported Dr Yu to the university's inspection department earlier this month. Previous reports said that the informant was Ms Wang's friend at school.

According to the magazine Foreign Policy, an online post on the account of the People's Daily condemned the professor's conduct, declaring that "chasing beautiful women should not become professors' secondary careers".

Ms Wang became an undergraduate at the School of International Studies in 2004 and started her doctoral programme last year. She met him during a course on United States diplomatic studies last year.

According to Ms Wang, Dr Yu forced himself on her in July last year, when he came to her dormitory for a seminar.

"I was resisting him constantly during the whole process," Ms Wang said during a previous interview, adding that she and Dr Yu had a lasting sexual relationship. 

She discovered that he was married and had a child when he invited her to his home. Ms Wang said she was shocked to see Dr Yu's wedding photograph. But he told her that he and his wife had been separated for a decade and that there was no chemistry between them.

"I told him that I won't be anyone's mistress because it is not fair to me. He said he needed time to work things out," Ms Wang told Huashang Daily.

According to the Shanghai Daily, she said Dr Yu took nude photographs of her and used them to blackmail her so that she would continue the relationship. He also suggested they join a club where people swopped partners, the newspaper reported, citing China Business View.

Ms Wang found out she was pregnant at the beginning of this month and told Dr Yu. She said he told her to have an abortion.

But she told Huashang Daily that she intends to have the baby.

This is not the first such incident to occur at a Chinese university.

Last month, then-professor Wu Chunming of Xiamen University was dismissed for sexually harassing female students.

A retired associate professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Wang Xiaojian, was photographed by netizens sexually harassing two female students in the same month.

The Ministry of Education released a regulation on Oct 9 prohibiting university staff from sexually harassing students or coercing them into having sex. Faculty members who violate the regulation will face punishment ranging from a warning and demerit points to demotion, suspension and even imprisonment.