S'porean family's backpack stolen after car boot gets pried opened in KL

Stomp contributor Michael thought his belongings were safe in the car boot - but did not expect it to be pried open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The reader sent in a photo of his damaged car boot.

He reounted the incident: "We drove from Singapore to Malaysia on the first day of SG50 long weekend for two-day holiday. This was our 2nd trip by car to Malaysia.

"After lunch at kopitiam we went for shopping at Tesco and Aeon at Bukit Indah, we realised our backpack which was inside the car had gone missing.

"After some checking we realised thieves jacked open the trunk door by force and stole the backpack which contained an iPhone, snacks and water.

"Fortunately our wallets and IDs were with us.

"Need to be extra careful in Malaysia, better take out all valuables and bags from the car and possibly have someone guarding the car.

"Sorry it sounds horrible but crime seems prevalent there."

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