S'porean hurt in NYC on road to recovery

SINGAPORE - Singaporean who was hit by a getaway car while cycling in New York City in June has been semi-discharged from hospital for six weeks, according to a Facebook post on Monday.

He will need to undergo physiotherapy before he is allowed to fly home.

His hospital bills were estimated to be over US$500,000 (S$631,300), his sister said in an earlier report. Over S$136,000 has been raised to help Mr Al-Matin Mohamed pay the hospital bills, said an update on a Facebook page called "Get Well Soon, Matin!" that was started by friends.

He is waiting to "remove the rods aligning his leg bones", it said.

The post - made by his friend, Mr Yang Sheng Chuan - added: "He would like to extend his gratitude and thanks to everyone for their support and generous contributions."

Accompanying it was a photograph of Mr Al-Matin in a wheelchair, striking an athletic pose for the camera.

On June 8, he was cycling in East 29th Street when he was hit by a car travelling in the wrong direction.

The driver was allegedly fleeing from police after being involved in a violent robbery.

The accident left the 24-year-old with serious injuries, including head trauma, a broken left arm, two broken legs and nerve damage to his right arm, The Straits Times reported.

An aspiring pastry chef, he moved to New York City in May to train at seafood restaurant Le Bernardin. He had served with the Guards formation during his national service and his plight was highlighted on The Singapore Army Facebook page in June.

On Monday night, Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin reposted the update on Mr Al-Matin's condition on Facebook and wrote: "Guardsman! Ready to Strike! Wishing you well as you continue your recovery, Matin!"


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