S'porean leads JB cops on 20km chase

S'porean leads JB cops on 20km chase

SINGAP0RE - The Singaporean Mercedes Benz driver offered two policemen in Johor Baru RM550 (S$213) after he was caught cutting the queue at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex (CIQ).

The bribery attempt failed and the man, 50, fled, leading to a 20km car chase before he was caught, reported the Star.

The incident happened on Sunday at 11.30pm as the man was heading back to Singapore. His attempt to cut the queue caused a congestion which alerted the police.

Two police traffic officers on duty at the CIQ complex then tried to take him to the nearest police station.

However, the man then got agitated and refused to cooperate, and offered the bribe to Lance Corporal Awang Mohd Massahdi Awang Abunawas and Lance Corporal Mashri Sedek.

"We were waiting for assistance before sending him to the nearby Central police station, but the suspect decided to speed off in his car," said Lance Cpl Awang Mohd.

The 20-min chase took them all the way to Taman Sri Putri in Skudai, about 20km away.The man has been remanded, and faces up to two years' jail if found guilty.

Both policemen received letters of commendation from Johor police chief Senior Deputy Commissioner Mohd Mokhar Mohd Shariff.

Lance Corporal Mashri said: "This is the first time someone tried to bribe us."

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