S'porean parking attendant in Philippines detained for puncturing customer's tyres

A Singaporean working as a parking attendant in a government building at Quezon City, Philippines, was reportedly detained by authorities for puncturing the car tyres of a female customer.

In the incident which happened last Thursday (Nov 19), the attendant, identified as 44-year-old Andrei Ong, was unhappy over the 'small' tip of 20 pesos (S$1.70) that he received from a customer, reported news site GMA Network.

The female driver had discovered the punctured car tyre after returning to her vehicle, and requested building management to check on the CCTV footage.

After determining that Ong had intentionally punctured the car tyre, he was called into the office of the local government official and given a stern warning. Thankfully for Ong, the female driver decided not to press charges.

Ong managed to keep his job, but received warning that he would be fired if another similar incident occurred.

According to GMA Network, this is not the first time Ong has been accused of puncturing customers' tyres after receiving tips deemed less than satisfactory.

A co-worker told the media outlet that Ong would use a pin to deliberately puncture victims' car tyres, a charge Ong vehemently denies, according to the report.

The report added that Ong has been staying in the Philippines for the past 7 years after his passport and documents were stolen.