S'porean student in China spills all about affair with lecturer

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean post-graduate student at the prestigious Peking University in China has claimed that she fell for her lecturer even after he forced himself on her last year.

But her love turned to disdain when she discovered wedding photos at his house and realised that he was married.

He was an associate professor at the School of International Studies in the university and they dated for more than a year.

After their affair became public, her lover, Professor Yu Wanli, was sacked by the university for his "improper sexual relationship with a female student", according to a release on the Peking University website on Saturday.

The 32-year-old woman, using the pseudonym Wang Jing, has since spoken up about their affair, which she said involved bondage.

She also claimed that Prof Yu was into swinging and one-night stands.

Miss Wang said she was heartbroken after he told her to get an abortion when she said she was pregnant with his child earlier this month.

She told Chinese newspaper Beijing Youth Daily: "I want him to be fired. A person like him could cheat more girls with his position at the university. He is not fit to be a teacher."

Miss Wang came to Singapore from China when she was 12 and studied in a top secondary school, reported Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

After completing her A levels, she received several scholarship offers and chose to pursue her undergraduate studies at Peking University in 2004.

She began her doctoral programme in international relations last year and first met Prof Yu during a course on US diplomatic studies which he was teaching.

Dinner dates

Miss Wang said she slowly fell for her professor after he started asking her out on dinner dates and constantly texted her to show his affections.

When the course ended in July last year, Prof Yu invited her to a seminar and met her in her dormitory.

He forced himself on her that day, she claimed.

"I was resisting him constantly during the whole process," Miss Wang said in a previous interview.

She also told Chinese newspaper Hua Shang News: "I didn't know he was married because he looked young and was always hanging out with many other girls.

"After we had sex, I was moved by his sweet talk and believed he loved me."

They became a couple and had an intimate relationship.

But cracks in their love affair surfaced when she found out that he was married with a son after visiting his home.

"I saw his wedding photo in his bedroom and confronted him. I told him that I won't be anyone's mistress because it is not fair to me.

"He said he needed time to work things out," Miss Wang told Hua Shang News.

"He told me that they were separated and that they had no feelings for one another. He also said that he did not have the courage to divorce her."

Miss Wang said she was taken in by his words and they continued dating.

But in August, she grew uncomfortable when Prof Yu started taking intimate pictures of her after they had sex.

He would send the pictures to her and tell her about his sexual exploits with other women.

"I started to think that he had changed. I started fearing him and hating him but I didn't dare to tell anyone about our relationship," she told Beijing Youth Daily.

Miss Wang finally confided in a friend, who encouraged her to expose the relationship.

In October, her friend e-mailed details of the affair, including photographs and text message records, to the school.

Based on this, Peking University started an investigation.


Prof Yu begged Miss Wang to tell the school that she had seduced him and she agreed. But she changed her mind after he tried to force her to go for an abortion.

A few days later, his teaching credentials were stripped. He has also been expelled from the Communist Party.

He did not respond to the Chinese media's requests for interviews.

Ms Wang, who is on a scholarship paid by the Chinese government, said she intends to keep the baby because doctors had told her that she would not be able to conceive again after an abortion.

She told Hua Shang News: "My body is weak and I'm just concerned about the baby and have not thought too much about the future.

"I will also need to face my parents, who are very traditional. I will not be so naive again and trust people based on their appearances."

'He would tie me up and take pictures'

Her lover was interested in bondage, swingers' parties and one-night stands, claimed Miss Wang Jing.

The Singaporean student in China's Peking University said of Associate Professor Yu Wanli: "After we dated for a month, he started sexually abusing me. He would tie me up and take pictures and then send them to me.

"He also asked me to join a swingers' party with him but I refused," she told Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

Miss Wang also told Beijing Youth Daily that the professor would boast of his one-night stands with women he had met online.

They also had sex in the car and a park on numerous occasions after his wife returned to their home in October this year.

Their outdoor trysts continued even as the weather turned colder, she said.

As a result, she fell ill and could not take any contraceptives. They continued to have sex during this period.

She later found that she was pregnant and was told by Prof Yu to have an abortion.

Other profs

Last month, two professors in China were caught for sexual infringements.

Professor Wu Chunming from Xiamen University was dismissed for sexually harassing female students, while retired associate professor Wang Xiaojian from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute was photographed by netizens sexually harassing two female students.

On Oct 9, the Ministry of Education in China issued a regulation prohibiting university teachers from sexually harassing students or coercing them into having sex.

Offenders will face penalties ranging from a warning and demerit points to demotion, suspension and even prison terms.

Ex-NUS law prof had sex with student

Last year, the National University of Singapore (NUS) sacked law professor Tey Tsun Hang (left) after he was initially found guilty in a sex-for-grades corruption case.

He was charged with six counts of corruptly obtaining sex and gifts from his student, Miss Darinne Ko (left), a law student at NUS.

Miss Ko, then 21, lost her virginity to her professor and became pregnant with his child. She later had an abortion.

Prof Tey, then 42, was initially sentenced to five months' jail in June last year. He appealed against the verdict and was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the High Court.

Justice Woo Bih Li said the trial judge was wrong to equate morally reprehensible conduct with what is legally wrong. But he had strong words for the ex-professor, saying that he was "a man without honour".

Justice Woo concluded that Miss Ko was in love with the professor and that he had abused his position as a lecturer and exploited his student.

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