Sports Hub opening: Ministry replies

Sports Hub opening: Ministry replies

WE THANK Forum contributors Clinton Lim ("Hold official unveiling of Sports Hub on Aug 9, 2015"; Nov 16), David Tan Kok Kheng ("Name stadium after Lee Kuan Yew"; Nov 16), Ronald Lee Yew Kee ("Name Sports Hub venues after athletes"; Nov 20), M. Lukshumayeh ("National Stadium should retain its name"; Forum Online, Nov 20), Ng Qi Siang ("Stadium's name should reflect nation's unity"; Nov 20), Ivan Goh ("Kallang Roar embodies nation's unity"; Forum Online, Monday), Gareth Pearson ("Iconic stadiums named after location"; Monday) and David Lim Fong Jock ("Combine opening ceremonies of Sports Hub and SEA Games"; yesterday) for their views on the Singapore Sports Hub.

The Sports Hub will start phasing in its operations from April next year. By the time we host a major regional event like the SEA Games in June 2015, the Sports Hub would have to be fully operational.

Hence, it ought to be opened officially either at the start of the SEA Games, as suggested by Mr David Lim, or before the Games.

This was what happened with the former National Stadium - it was officially opened in July 1973, before the SEA Games was held in September that year.

Even if the opening of the Sports Hub were to be held before Aug 9, 2015, we will certainly plan something special for the National Day celebrations that year, as suggested by Mr Clinton Lim.

We agree fully with him that Singapore's 50th anniversary should be "an occasion for all to savour".

Many also shared their views on the naming of the new National Stadium. We do not have any plans to name it at this juncture. We appreciate the diverse views and will keep the options open for the future.

We welcome the interest in the Sports Hub, and will continue to involve Singaporeans in the development of this exciting new national landmark.

Koh Peng Keng

Senior Director, Sports Division

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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