The 'spy' who seduces men

For almost two years now, the 22-year-old has been leading a double life.

Angel (not her real name) is an administrative assistant by day.

But it is her secret life as a honey trapper that makes life exciting.

She is paid by her clients to seduce their cheating spouses and sabotage their extramarital affair.

"It is exciting and challenging. I treat it as a form of undercover task," says Angel, who cannot be identified for fear of reprisal attacks.

Honey trapping helps her pay the bills.

If her mission is successful, she earns a commission of up to 20 per cent of the fees paid to her private investigator.

Mr James Loh from International Investigators says such assignments can cost the clients five-figure sums.

The commission is on top of Angel's $15 per hour salary, with claimable meals and transport expenses.

She also gets to keep whatever her unsuspecting "subjects" - her clients' spouses - give her.

Angel says: "The biggest gift I have received is a $7,000 Louis Vuitton handbag."

For each assignment, she is briefed on the subject's quirks and preferences by the private investigator, using information from the client.

Still, nothing beats her tried-and-true tactic of seduction.

"I just dress sexily and sweet-talk him. But nothing sexual, only light kissing, hand holding and hugging is allowed," she claims.

In order to safeguard her identity, she operates in similar fashion to spies, limiting her contact to the private investigator only.

Even her family and friends do not know that she is in this line. This way, she keeps the risks of being discovered low.

"So far, I have not had encounters where I blew my cover," she says.

"If someone suspects something, I just treat it like I'm being flirtatious.

"So if I'm spotted by someone from a previous assignment, he wouldn't know what I'm doing and probably think that I'm just dating a new man."


Angel recalls one funny incident where she was tasked to seduce a client's husband but none of her seduction techniques worked.

"I soon found out that he only liked other men and was not interested in women," she says.

"So I reported back that the mission was unsuccessful. I never told his wife directly, so I'm unsure if she actually hired another honey trapper or not."

While some might think that what she is doing is unethical, Angel disagrees.

"I am saving other people's marriages. It's not unethical," she says.

"If the subjects are firm enough, they won't fall into honey traps."


1) Seduction requires wit. It is important to be street-smart and react to changing situations quickly.

2) Do not place yourself in a dangerous position and be observant of your surroundings.

3) Learn martial arts or any form of self-defence.

This article was first published on October 18, 2015.
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