SQ Flight 317 from London makes emergency landing in Azerbaijan

The Airbus 380 was forced to divert due to cabin depressurisation, an SIA spokesman said on Monday. Oxygen masks were deployed and the aircraft landed safely with no injuries to the 467 passengers and 27 crew on board, he added.

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SINGAPORE, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Singapore Airlines Ltd said on Monday an Airbus A380 flying from London to Singapore made an emergency landing in Azerbaijan due to cabin depressurisation, but there were no injuries to the 467 passengers and 27 crew on board.

"Oxygen masks were deployed and the aircraft landed uneventfully at Baku airport at 01:03 (local time)," Singapore Airlines said in a statement. "We are seeking clearance from local authorities to transfer affected customers to a hotel until a replacement aircraft arrives from Singapore," the airline said.

Singapore Airlines is one of the biggest operators of the double-decker superjumbo, with 19 A380s in its fleet and has orders for five more aircraft.


A passenger on the flight, Mr Matthew G. Johnson, posted a photo on Facebook Monday morning showing oxygen masks being deployed from the overhead compartments.

Mr Johnson wrote:

"Those accustomed to airflight might notice a few additional pieces of equipment more often seen on those boring safety videos. Their appearance today was anything but, sufficient to say we landed safely in Baku in Azerbaijan."

He added that a "loud air noise was heard from the door five rows in front" shortly after take-off from London's Heathrow airport.

Mr Johnson described the situation at that point as "so loud it was impossible to hear, and cold due to the airflow".

According to Mr Johnson, a cabin crew told him that the door had a "mild" leaking seal, but assured him that the airplane had been cleared as "serviceable".

The plane started its emergency descent a few hours later, after "the leaking door over-powered the compressors' ability to pressurise the cabin," wrote Mr Johnson.