Standing up for S'pore at Nat'l Day Rally

PHOTO: Razor TV Screengrab

Singer Kit Chan's performance at the National Day Rally on Sunday caught many off-guard, but it was the spontaneity of a young woman in the audience that became the talk of the Internet.

Wu Jiezhen's moment in the spotlight came as Chan was crooning the chorus of her signature song, Home.

Overcome with emotion, the 26-year-old stood up to sing along, much to the surprise - and bemusement - of those around her and viewers nationwide watching on television.

She was captured on camera not once but twice during Chan's song.

Ms Wu, a Singaporean, is executive director of social start-up The Hidden Good, a platform which aims to uncover the good in Singapore society and beyond.

She told The Straits Times that she was "swept up in the moment" when she stood up and sang along.

"I just felt compelled to rise to my feet and sing my heart out," she said. "I wasn't even aware the camera was on me - I was right in the corner!"

She had been invited to the National Day Rally as one of several local youth leaders.

She said: "Home is one of my favourite songs because its lyrics resonate so dearly with me. I know Majulah Singapura is the national anthem and the reminder of what our forefathers went through to build the nation, but Kit's song really is the anthem of my generation."

Ms Wu attended primary and secondary school here, before furthering her studies in the United States. She spent eight years there, majoring in political science, and peace and justice at Wellesley College in Boston, Massachusetts.