StarHub to produce public service programmes for pay-TV platform

SINGAPORE - By 2014, beyond Free-To-Air (FTA) television programmes, Singapore viewers will enjoy more quality local content on pay-TV.

Media Development Authority (MDA) today appointed StarHub to commission and produce original Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes. These will air on StarHub's pay-TV and internet television platforms and will be available to all regardless of subscription.

PSB programmes promote the Singapore Identity, culture and heritage to viewers. Under the Public Service Broadcast Contestable Funds Scheme (PCFS), more relevant and engaging PSB programmes will be produced.

StarHub joins MediaCorp, previously the sole commissioning platform for PSB programmes, in local television content production. This will boost competition in the broadcast sector and encourage local production houses to produce more innovative and compelling content.

StarHub will also commission non-PCFS-funded programmes, and plans to extend the reach of PSB programmes on multiple devices by offering local content free of charge for six months on its TV Anywhere platform.

MDA will continue to work with more media platform providers to join the PCFS to create more innovative local content to inform, entertain and educate Singapore viewers.