Step up drive to curb idling engines

Like Mr Daniel Binder ("Idling vehicle engines are big polluters"; Forum Online, June 25), I have often come across motorists making calls and texting in their vehicles while the engines are kept running.

More action should be taken to stamp out this anti-social behaviour, as the resultant emissions pose a threat to public health and the environment.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has printed an excellent pamphlet advising motorists to switch off their vehicle engines when their vehicles are stationary. It states the fines as well as the problems caused by idling engines.

This information should be displayed prominently on its website too, as well as on the websites of the Land Transport Authority, National Parks Board and Traffic Police. TV broadcasts could also be used to educate the public.

There is no substitute for enforcement. The NEA must actively catch and fine offenders so that recalcitrant motorists will know it means business.

Passers-by can also play a part by politely asking such motorists to switch off their idling engines.

-Ong Hong Bee

This article was first published on JULY 7, 2014.
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