Stopping work need not be only option

It is important to find out why workers are planning to retire earlier than the official retirement age of 62 ("S'poreans 'prefer to retire at 55'"; last Saturday).

Some people feel they need a change after working for years; they want more time with their families, or simply to be free from the demands of a conventional job.

There are others who find their opportunities for career advancement diminished as they age, and are unlikely to stay put in their jobs lest they be labelled as "dead wood".

However, retirement need not be the only option if companies offer part-time work to retirees who wish to return.

This is a win-win arrangement that provides the company with a pool of experienced workers on an as-needed basis, while the retirees can enjoy the mental and social stimulation of working.

In this way, the skills and talents of older workers will not go to waste.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

This article was published on April 9 in The Straits Times.

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