The Story of Kong Ngee: a Singapore film company that produced celebrated Cantonese films

The Story of Kong Ngee: a Singapore film company that produced celebrated Cantonese films

SINGAPORE - Few have heard of the Kong Ngee Film Company, set up by Singapore brothers Ho Khee-yong and Ho Khee-siang, but it was a film studio which produced numerous iconic Cantonese films in the 1950s and 1960s.

From Oct 10 - 20, the National Museum of Singapore will present The Story of Kong Ngee, an account of the studio's rise and fall, through a showcase of 15 outstanding Cantonese films it produced from the 1950s and 1960s.

Museum Director Angelita Teo shared that the film showcase will be a homage to the film company and its contributions to the Cantonese film industry. The films will also offer the audience a glimpse of the rich culture and history of the past era, she added.

Kong Ngee's repertoire of films spanned various genres - detective mysteries, melodramas and romantic comedies, which reflected urban life from that time period. The innovative film studio created films with engaging stories and relatable characters, using universal themes such as vengeance and interracial love. It was also known for its Hollywood-inspired offerings and 'odd-couple' films.

The Nanyang Trilogy (1957), highlight of the film showcase, comprises of the films Blood Stains the Valley of Love, China Wife and Moon over Malaya, which helped establish stars Patsy Kar Ling and Patrick Tse Yin as the ideal silver-screen couple. There will also be a special screening of Incredible Rumour (1968) by Ho Kian-ngiap, son of Kong Ngee founder Ho Khee-yong.

The Story of Kong Ngee will run from Oct 10 - 20 at the National Museum of Singapore's Gallery Theatre. Tickets are priced at $9 (includes SISTIC handling fees).

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