Strangers' Reunion chef, 28, loses battle with cancer after more than a year

The head chef of local cafe Strangers' Reunion has died, more than a year after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in late 2015. He was 28.

Just last month, a second crowdfunding campaign was started by the cafe to help support Sebastian Tan, a Malaysian, after the cancer took an aggressive turn and more treatment was needed. The campaign had raised over $30.5k with donations by members of the public.

However, two days ago on June 28, the cafe announced Tan's passing on social media.

The Facebook post read: "We are very sorry to have to inform everyone that our Head Chef, Sebastian, passed on earlier this morning. It was peaceful, and he was amongst family and loved ones. His was a battle hard fought, and he remained strong and positive throughout. We take comfort in the fact that he is no longer in pain, and remember him dearly for the wonderful individual he was. Thank you to all who supported Sebastian through his life's journey. Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers during this difficult time."

The news posted at 11.57am came after an earlier update in the wee hours of the morning at 1.42am, saying that Tan's condition had "taken a turn for the worse".

Later that day at 8.26pm, the cafe declared that the eatery would close doors from 3.30pm onwards the next day (June 29), so that the team could pay their last respects to Tan in his hometown in Malaysia.

Patrons and followers of the cafe subsequently took to the social media page to express their condolences and mourn his passing:

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