Suntanning at foot of block

Suntanning at foot of block

Contributor Yvonne was amused to see this person suntanning at the foot of Block 110 Spottiswoode Park Road yesterday afternoon, Nov 27.

She was shocked that people choose to suntan at these places.

The Stomp reader said: "First it was youngsters getting into an argument with parking attendant when they tried to suntan on the top floor of a HDB carpark.

"Now a middle-aged woman is actually suntanning below the HDB block.

"What is wrong with people?"

This is not the first time people have been spotted suntanning at places other than the beach. A woman laid down on a pavement near a multi-storey carpark to suntan, and the two bikini girls were seen having a quarrel with the parking attendant when they suntanned at a HDB carpark.

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