Surveillance cameras installed to catch offending residents who litter: NEA

SINGAPORE - Residents at Block 31 and 33 Balam Road recently expressed concerns about their privacy as surveillance cameras were installed at these two blocks that faced each other.

Residents at Block 31 complained that they were uncomfortable over the camera, and added that it was an intrusion of their privacy.

Some of them also shared that the cameras' blinking lights were distracting while many others questioned why the cameras were installed.

In light of their queries, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has released an official statement:

The objective of deploying the surveillance cameras is to capture acts of high-rise littering for enforcement purposes.

Nevertheless, strict procedures are in place to ensure that the privacy of the residents is protected.

For example, surveillance cameras are positioned to focus on the external facade of the suspected units, without zooming into the interior of the units.

Only authorised personnel are allowed to view the video footage recorded to ascertain the suspected offender's unit.

After educational efforts to have residents show consideration to their neighbours did not achieve the desired outcome, surveillance cameras were deployed to help apprehend the offender.