Suspect in Teck Whye Lane temple murder arrested

Suspect in Teck Whye Lane temple murder arrested

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean man has been arrested in connection with the Teck Whye temple murder case.

The 47-year-old Chinese man was arrested yesterday (Feb 24), following investigations by the police. 

The body of Tan Poh Huat, 53, was found on Feb 14.

The divorcee who was unemployed had been living in the Chua Chua Kang Lian Sing Keng temple in Teck Why for the past five years.

Mr Tan, who leaves behind three children, was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been known to suffer from kidney problems and had been receiving dialysis treatment and social assistance. 

According to a pest control worker Tan Kui Seng who found the body, there had been no signs of trespass at the temple on the night of the murder.

The victim's sister, Tan Sui Kee, 60, said that he was not known to have been involved in any disputes.

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