Suspected thieves stuff 3 cows into a car

Dazed: A witness saw the three men struggle to stuff the three cows into the Proton Wira.

PENANG - After knocking out three cows using tranquillisers, three men shoved them into a Proton Wira in Sungai Lembu, Penang, in a grand theft plan.

The thieves, who were in their 20s, had used a blowpipe to sedate the animals, which were fenced up in an oil palm estate, around 1am on Friday.

A witness, who declined to be identified, said he saw the thieves struggling to put the unconscious cows into the car, from which the backseat had been taken out, reported Malaysia's The Star. He quickly alerted the voluntary patrol unit in the area.

One of the three men got into the car and drove away, while the other two hopped onto motorcycles and tailed the car.

"As they were about to reach the main road, the patrol unit arrived and tried to stop them. The driver rushed out of the car and hopped onto one of the motorcycles and fled," said the witness.

Villagers later took about three hours to free the dazed cows from the car.

A police spokesman said the cattle owner had lodged a report, adding that the three men were suspected to be involved in other cattle theft cases in the area.