Syndicates recruiting Arabs and Africans to join Asian prostitutes

MALAYSIA - Adding "flavour" to their already lucrative flesh trade, syndicates are recruiting young girls from Arab and African countries along with the usual crop of Asian girls to further boost their illicit coffers, Metro Ahad reported.

Immigration authorities were stunned with this latest trend of hiring out young girls from countries that had never before been associated with the sex trade.

The paper quoted Immigration en­­forcement director Zahari Abdul Aziz as saying the girls came in as tourists or students, mainly on social visit passes, before entering the sex trade.

He cited a case of a student from an Arab state who had purportedly come to study at a college in Johor.

"She was nabbed in Kuala Lumpur, and it was not even during the semester break," said Zahari.

Two women from Yemen and two others from Pakistan and Sudan were picked up during raids between Sept 1 and Dec 1.

Zazhari said there were similar cases of girls from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar and South Korea.