Taiwanese man strangles daughter, 5, due to money woes

A Taiwanese man strangled his five-year-old daughter before burying her in the hills because he could not afford to raise her.

Jiang Wenji, 36, committed the crime seven years ago when he was given custody of En En after divorcing his wife, identified only as Cai.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the "mystery" of the missing girl unravelled when Cai had a dream during qing ming (Chinese All Souls' Day) last year. She "saw" En En covered in blood and asking her why she did not want her.

She then found out that En En's younger brother had told his teacher that En En was starved and thrown away by their father.

Local police arrested Jiang, who has a criminal record, and then unearthed the girl's remains.