Tan Chuan Jin: I have full confidence in our riggers

SINGAPORE - Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan Jin has given his point of view regarding claims that the Singapore Army outsources packing of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) parachutes to foreigners.

On Wednesday morning, Tan, who used to be a regular in the SAF, posted a photo from years ago of himself after a parachute jump at Paya Lebar. In the post, Tan said he has never doubted the safety of parachutes used by SAF, adding that he had met the riggers and knew how parachutes were packed.

"While we all learn the emergency drills, I have never wondered if it would ever be a problem. I have met our riggers and know our process. They give you FULL confidence, and more, that your life is safe in their hands," he said.

Tan's post comes after a netizen alleged that SAF had outsourced the packing of parachutes to "PRC contractors".


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Posted by Tan Chuan-Jin on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In response to this, Tan said: "Did Pasir Ris Camp became People's Republic of China? Who knows...will not be the last time such 'news' gets circulated, and the slamming starts".

The Singapore Army released a statement on Tuesday night, clarifying that the packing of SAF parachutes have been outsourced to Singapore Technologies (ST).

Chief Commando Officer, Colonel Simon Lim, said: "The SAF continues to fully employ its Riggers, particularly for key operations and training. In order to optimise our resources, we have outsourced the parachute-packing function to ST - a reputable local company".

"Many of ST's parachute-packing staff themselves are former Riggers from the Commando Formation, and all of ST's parachute-packing staff are trained and competent in their roles. The training that they undergo, conducted by the SAF Master Rigger, is benchmarked against the United States Federal Aviation Administration (US FAA) standards," he added.

According to Colonel Lim, outsourcing to ST began in 2010, and there have not been any parachute reliability issues since.


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Posted by The Singapore Army on Tuesday, January 12, 2016