Taxi driver forces woman to fondle him on ride home

PETALING JAYA - The woman who was forced at knife point to fondle a taxi driver's private parts said the man told her he wanted to "teach her how to be a real woman".

The victim, who spoke to The Star on condition of anonymity, said that she had taken the same taxi about two months ago to go to a mall in Kepong.

"I remember him because he was kind enough to wait for me outside the mall till I was done shopping," said the 20-year-old call centre employee.

On Jan 28, the woman was waiting for a taxi at 7pm when the same taxi pulled up.

"In the car, he started to compliment me. Then his compliments became very explicit and sexual," she said.

She became scared and the taxi driver, noticing her expression, took out a knife and placed it on the dashboard.

"He asked me if I had sex with my boyfriend and I said no," she said.

He then pointed the knife at her, took her hand and forced her to fondle his private parts.

"After he was done, he put an ang pow, containing RM10, into my grocery bag and told me not to tell anyone as I would be shaming my family.

"He said he had given me a much-needed lesson, which would make me a real woman," she said, adding that she was too traumatised to tell her parents until last week.

She lodged a report at the Kepong police station on Sunday.

"I just want people to know and warn them about this man," she said, adding that she had also written about the incident in a blog.

When her blog posting went viral, some netizens criticised her for sitting in the front seat, saying she should have sat at the back.

"The issue isn't which seat I occupied in the cab. If the cabbie wanted to harm me, he would have found a way to do so even if I occupied the back seat," she said.

On Tuesday, the taxi driver, 62, was picked up and had his taxi confiscated by the police after his statement was taken by Land Public Transport ComĀ­mission (SPAD) enforcement officers.

The taxi driver is being suspended pending investigations by SPAD and the police.

"Anyone found guilty of the alleged offence is not fit to be a taxi driver," said SPAD chief executive Mohd Nur Ismal Mohamed Kamal, adding that if found guilty, the man could have his licence revoked.