Teachers to get pay rise soon

From October, non-graduate teachers will progress and be paid under the same salary structure as their peers with graduate qualifications, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said yesterday.

From the same month, up to 30,000 teachers will receive a 4 to 9 per cent increase in their monthly wages, to ensure that these keep pace with the market.

All trained teachers will also get an annual special payment each September from next year, which will be between $500 and $700 in cash.

MOE said: "This is to signal the importance we place on teaching as a profession, and show our commitment in attracting and retaining quality teachers."

It said the review of the salary structure is "in line with SkillsFuture's direction to place more emphasis on recognising employees' skills and competencies beyond academic qualifications".

SkillsFuture is a national movement started last year to encourage Singaporeans to develop specialised and industry-relevant skills through training and career progression schemes.

For example, graduates and non-graduates will receive the same payouts under the long-term incentive plan Connect, which recognises the commitment of dedicated teachers.

However, graduate and non-graduate teachers will continue to be recruited at different starting points and salaries, which MOE said is reflective of market practice.

Currently, teachers are recruited and remunerated on separate salary structures based on the difference in their academic qualifications.

However, experienced non-graduate teachers in leadership or senior teaching positions are paid according to the same salary structure as their graduate peers.

Up to 800 allied educators will also receive 5 per cent monthly wage increases from October. Allied educators will also have their graduate and non-graduate salary structures merged from next April.


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